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Ascend Health

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June 30, 2022


Mental Health Patients



Patient-centered care with a wellness team

Ascend Health will focus on the peer support-led care team model for improving mental health and reduce the relapses rates. This model focuses on trauma-informed, patient-centered care with a wellness team composed of a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner, mental health therapist, and team of peer support specialists.

The peer-led model will drive the engagement, creating a self-empowered approach while allowing for a “high-touch” experience for daily support. We have designed a four-hour weekly support program that allows the peer to have interactions five days a week with the option to include daily support if needed or desired. The clinical team focuses on healing modalities, while the peer team will focus on creating safe space, reducing life stressors and helping create connection and community.

Justin Etling - Founder/CEO

Justin is the CEO of Ascend Health and the founder of Ascend Video. Justin has an extensive background in IT and healthcare over the last 25 years. Before leaving, he managed a global IT network for a leading private equity firm to follow his passion for helping people.

He founded and operated two drug and alcohol treatment centers in NH for the last eight years, where he discovered significant gaps in care and long-term outcomes. His experience led him on a path to utilize his expertise in technology to create innovative solutions for improving long-term outcomes with technology and leading clinical healing modalities.