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September 16, 2021


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Donations are simple and safe for everyone

Wishlay focuses on nonprofit organizations needing help with funding products to support their needs. These organization can share their wishlist, and the community can team together to fund a single item within that wishlist.

Wishlay allows the community to help fund your products by providing multiple users to pitch in on the cost of a single product. Once the product is fully funded, Wishlay will ship the item to your saved address.

Robert Curtis - COO

After earning his law degree in 2001 in Detroit from Wayne State University Law School, Robert practiced commercial litigation for six years before serving as the Court Administrator of the third largest district court in the state of Michigan.

During his ten years at the court, he initiated a series of modernization projects that created the most technologically forward court in the state of Michigan. After leaving the court, he co-founded software company CourtWorks, LLC and Gouranger, LLC to provide online solutions to court probation departments, civil process servers and law firms.

He continues to practice law assisting start-up businesses and consults on marijuana licensing, operations and fundraising through his consulting firm Rocketeer Business Plans, LLC. He also co-founded and serves on the Board of Directors of Orion’s Quest, a non-profit corporation that creates a learning platform for students to study science and math by participating with astronauts in real-time, real-life university and NASA research being conducted aboard the international space station. Mr. Curtis handles business and legal matters for Birch First and its clients.

He founded and operated two drug and alcohol treatment centers in NH for the last eight years, where he discovered significant gaps in care and long-term outcomes. His experience led him on a path to utilize his expertise in technology to create innovative solutions for improving long-term outcomes with technology and leading clinical healing modalities.