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Digital Transformation
Life Cycle

Our digital transformation expertise spreads over digital strategies, customer-centric experience, design thinking, product engineering, DevOps & agility, testing & automation.

Digital Service Offerings

Our consulting arm offers core software engineering services to the banking, Healthcare, Retail, and Government sectors.

P3O (Portfolio, Programme and Projects Offices) services,

From high-priority short-term projects up to large scale transformation programmes to address business strategic goals and regulatory and compliance regulations.

Redefining Digital User Experience

Art of designing, improving, and developing solutions and products connecting users to their devices to generate revenue. We synthesize abstract ideas into concrete design and implementation that is driven by our process and our team.

Digital Transformation Services

We combine our deep-domain expertise and digital experience to define the most appropriate strategy to help your business thrive in the digital age. Remove the barriers between business strategy and technology. Complex change programmes made simple.

Stack Engineering

Align on-premise and cloud infrastructure to next generation business critical applications. Develop Full Stack Engineering Solutions and Products. Develop 3- Tier / Microservices / Serverless Computing Applications

Digital architecture services

Focus on the synergy and cross- discipline integration of channels, innovative technologies, enterprise architecture, business applications, data, network and security

DevOps and Agile methods

Drive cross functional working, highly engaged performance and quality results. We help our clients with benchmarking and coaching on their own programmes with the aim to instilling a culture of excitement and happiness.

Testing Services

Deep Domain expertise in Manual and Automation Testing Services to ensure a Quality driven approach distributed across the Digital Life Cycle

Engagement Management Approach. SLAs & Process

Experts since inception (2012) in ramping up teams onshore/offshore at a rapid pace using our flexible engagement models to meet client demand with an internal SLA of 48 hours to advise/present specific consultant teams. We use the below process to provide quality resources tailored to suit the client's expectations and industry requirements.

•Capture client demand and expectations
•Agree development plan including timeline, etc.,
•Establish effective communication channel
•Create and agree skills description based on requirements
•All employees go through an extensive selection process controlled and run by our own subject matter experts
•Shortlisted employees or Teams are presented to the client
•Following approval from Client, we support the on- boarding process
•Seek out qualified employees ensuring they are ideal for the role
•Review Skills along with relevant projects worked
•Teams are identified and aligned under a defined Hierarchy, Director of Technology -> Delivery Head -> Project Manager ->Teams
•Service Provision Management
•Project engagement review
•Consultant engagement reviews
•Risk Management Framework
•Performance steering committee
•Timesheet Management

Architecture Structures

Microservice Structure

Global DB to store tenant list and global information and settings

Each Microservice has dedicated db server in which each client/tenant has it’s own dedicated database.

Not all Microservice needed DB. For them we can use blob/table storage.
Ex- Billing Microservice

3 Tier Architecture – Microservices - Ecommerce

3 Tier Architecture – Component View - Healthcare

Disaster Recovery

App services/Functions should be zone redundant. Should be replicated in 3 zones. (3 instances)

DB should be replicated secondary zone/region using Failover groups/clusters

Azure storage/S3 Storage should
support zone/region redundancy



Our consulting arm offers core software engineering services to the banking, Healthcare, Retail, and Government sectors.