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January 05, 2021


Life, Recovery, Success, Spiritual Coaches

Healthy Social Community Platform

Ascend Video is a mobile and web-based live video community platform that allows people to come together through video and messaging groups.

Ascend Video is a healthy, mindful social community app connecting like-minded people from across the world to join, share, and collaborate. 

Each community has Livestream, collaboration video groups, Workshops, Coaching, Podcasts, Content management, and Chat Channels, and a community feed for easy access to free and paid offerings for community members.

Justin Etling - Founder/CEO

Justin is the CEO of Ascend Health and the founder of Ascend Video. Justin has an extensive background in IT and healthcare over the last 25 years. Before leaving, he managed a global IT network for a leading private equity firm to follow his passion for helping people.

He founded and operated two drug and alcohol treatment centers in NH for the last eight years, where he discovered significant gaps in care and long-term outcomes. His experience led him on a path to utilize his expertise in technology to create innovative solutions for improving long-term outcomes with technology and leading clinical healing modalities.