Brand Consultant Group

Samuel Jean

Founder CEO

Samuel Jean originally went to school in pursuit of becoming a psychotherapist for children. While in college, he worked with children with behavioral issues, adolescents with substance abuse, and adults with mental health.

After a seven-year career in the behavioral health industry, Samuel decided to shift toward technology and started a career in information technology. He went back to school and studied computer networking. He worked ten years building a solid background in Information Technology, Strategy and Planning, and Operational Management.

After Samuel’s close friend passed away from an overdose, he shifted gears to help reduce the relapse rates by building software for people leaving treatment. He partnered with a close friend, and they started creating tech around people suffering from substance use disorder. They founded two software called ProbityCare, a practice management system for outcome measurements, and Ascend Video, a community-based healthy social media for self-improvement. The software is now helping thousands of people seeking self-improvement, mental health, and coaching services.

Samuel is working on other technology ventures in education and social fundraising. He also works with nonprofits and mentors other entrepreneurs beginning their startup ventures.

Learn more about some of the other companies Ascend Video, ProbityCare, Studlytics, Wishlay, Best at laundry, Gouranger, Restore Vision