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Sacha "Shah" Saint-Cyr


Sacha “Shah” Saint-Cyr, a New York native, a Miami-based branding strategist and digital marketing expert, began his collegiate career in accounting at Cheyney University before achieving a bachelor’s equivalent in Latin American studies at Temple University. As a Vermont Law School graduate with a Juris Doctor, he specialized in personal injury law, estate planning services, and municipal finance law at various law practices, laying the groundwork for his entrepreneurial vision and leadership.

In 2016, aligning with urban lifestyle trends and the migration to Brooklyn, Shah founded “World Is Brooklyn,” a multifaceted commerce platform that provided essentials for the new urbanite. Brooklyn’s real estate and commerce platform offered rental properties throughout the borough, making it an integral part of the urban living experience.

In 2018, Shah’s innovative business strategies led him to create African Club Dances, a New York dance studio that teaches dances born from the African urban lifestyle and club environment. This cultural branding effort began with one location and grew to include additional locations throughout NYC, Montreal’s cultural expansion, and Miami while broadening its online presence. African Club Dances became an emerging name in African dance culture, serving as a proponent to broaden awareness of African cultures and practices.

In 2022, he joined as the highly-ranked Chief Marketing Officer for Wishlay, an eminent non-profit donation management platform. Shah pioneered innovative fundraising solutions, transforming how non-profits manage and receive product and cash donations. Under his strategic leadership, Wishlay provides seamless wishlist creation, social sharing capabilities, and robust tools for handling cash donations and online fundraising campaigns. He aims for Wishlay’s growth in the competitive digital marketplace, highlighting its distinctive offerings and aiding numerous non-profits in fulfilling their philanthropic missions.

In 2023, Shah joined the brilliant minds of a new organization, The Mic Speaks, as the Chief Operating Officer of this Miami-based digital marketing platform. As a digital marketing strategist, Shah plays a vital role in scaling its operations and elevating its brand as a market leader in the digital marketing industry.

In the same year, as a Brand Consultant Group member and a true thought leader in branding, marketing strategy, business innovation, legal consultancy, urban commerce, and real estate in Brooklyn, he became an influential figure with strategic foresight and legal acumen—companies seeking to carve a niche in the competitive, ever-changing market landscape turn to Shah for guidance.

Sacha “Shah” Saint-Cyr’s multifaceted career exemplifies the power of integrating culture with business, market trend analysis, and relentless innovation. His name is synonymous with excellence in entrepreneurial leadership and cultural branding, continually pushing the boundaries and setting new industry standards.

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